The Liberty Hall Theatre, which is the main auditorium, has a capacity of 411 on two levels.

The stalls has 317 seats and 3 wheelchair spaces whilst the balcony has


The seats are set on a sloped floor in the stalls and stepped in the balcony,

All are of a modern cushioned design with a built-in flip up table in the right arm rest. The rows and aisles are widely spaced with no pillars or obstructions blocking the stage view.

The auditorium has a full sound and lighting system with video projector and motorised screen and its own Wi-Fi.

There are no flying facilities but scenery can be hung from bars.

It has a purpose built dressing room block and a small backstage kitchen area.

A motorised hoist can lift scenery and heavy objects from ground level to the stage from outside the main theatre entrance.

A public lift is available from the lower foyer area to the first floor and the stalls but not the balcony.

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