Date(s) - 05/10/2024

Liberty Hall Theatre


In the 1990s Vonda Shepard was performing regularly on the L.A. club circuit, where she developed a fairly strong following. Having released a couple of records for Reprise records, she was without a recording contract in 1996, when she was approached by a fan, TV producer (and Michelle Pfeiifer’s husband) David E. Kelley.

Kelley asked Vonda to provide the theme tune to his new TV series Ally McBeal. The song used was Searchin My Soul from Vonda’s second album The Radical Light.

This exposure, coupled with the singer’s reoccuring role in the tv show as the singer in the show’s characters’ local bar made her a huge star. Since then Vonda has released albums of material from the show as well as new original songs and toured extensively.

Vonda Shepard