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A special group of Irish men and women have been responsible for preservation of the tradition of Irish ballad singing over the past 50 years. Derek Warfield is a distinguished name among them. Derek Warfield and They Young Wolfe Tones are bringing that musical tradition forward with a reverence for Ireland’s past and the energy and optimism of a new generation of Irish musicians.

Derek Warfield & The Young Wolfe Tones are thrilled to be celebrating 10 years On the One Road and are delighted to be celebrating it in style with the release of a new CD “Last Man Standing” released in October 2018, and performances all over America including some great Irish American Festivals & Venues.

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“We’re presenting an old tradition in a new package – and I’ve the same passion for it now as I had when it all started 50 years ago!”


Derek Warfield & The Young Wolfe Tones (One of the headlining acts of Milwaukee Irish Festival 2018 (The biggest Irish Festival in the world)

Derek Warfield (New York Society Dublin Man of The Year 2013) and (The AOH Spirit Of Freedom Award 2017)

Derek Warfield & The Young Wolfe Tones (Official performers for ‘2015 The Friends Of Ireland Speaker John Beohner St Patrick’s Day Luncheon in Capitol Hill) for President Obama, Vice President Biden, Taoiseach Enda Kenny & many other distinguished friends of Irish America.


2016 Was a pinnacle for Derek and The Young Wolfetones was when they were chosen to perform on the 24th April at the 1916 centenary commemorations at the General Post Office in O’Connell Street Dublin at 12.o’clock noon. This was the exact same time the Irish proclamation was read by Padraig Pearse one hundred years ago to the minute. As Derek is quoted as saying “of all the honours bestowed on the Wolfetones old and young this privilege was the most significant. It was honour to perform the music and songs of remembrance and the patriotic ballads that were sung by the volunteers inside the building during the struggle for our freedom, and we performed them with the same passion and emotion. “The Foggy Dew”, “Wrap the Green Flag Round me” “The Soldiers Song” were some of the chorus’s that rang out along the main thoroughfare to the 30,000 people assembled.

Derek Warfield & The Young Wolfe Tones produced a powerful 20 track CD commemorative 1916 CD titled “The Call of Erin” that embraces the heritage of popular ballads that remember our hero’s and patriots in poem, song and music.  

After spending nearly 40 years as founder, leader and front man of the legendary Wolfe Tones (named after the 18th century Irish Revolutionary Theobald Wolfe Tone), Derek Warfield is revered as a singer, songwriter, historian and entertainer in all parts of the world where Irish roots have been put down. The Wolfe Tones enjoyed phenomenal success with 13 best-selling albums, 3 number one hits, many television appearances and shows in esteemed venues such as New York’s Carnegie Hall and The Royal Albert Hall in London.

Derek has been proudly presented with the keys to San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles for his contributions to Irish Song & Music over the years and was

honoured as “Dublin Gael of The Year 2013” by the New York Dublin Society.

Since breaking away from the Wolfe Tones in 2001, Derek’s solo career has yielded 11 albums to date, the most successful of them being “A Nation once again” “On the One Road”, “God save Ireland” “Sons of Erin” ‘The Bonnie Blue Flag” “Washington’s Irish” “Let Ye All be Irish Tonight” and “Call Of Erin”. With the formation and ongoing success of The Young Wolfe Tones, the legend of Derek Warfield continues.




In 2001, after nearly 40 years performing, the legendary Wolfe Tones parted with their founder and leader – Derek Warfield. No other Irish folk group, before or since, told the story of Ireland so completely and unapologetically. But for Derek’s hunger and desire to continue to further the story of Ireland through song, an ancient tradition might have lost perhaps its most iconic figure. In 2005 Derek put together a band containing some of the finest musicians and singers in Irish music – The Young Wolfe Tones.

Derek Warfield & The Young Wolfe Tones


Damaris Woods – Banjo


Damaris Woods from Co. Meath and is recognized as one of the foremost banjo players in Irish music.

She has made a major contribution in popularizing the banjo within Irish traditional music. Damaris has performed an extremely hectic touring schedule over the last decade across the world. She has appeared on the Irish Spring Tour in Germany and been part of performing groups in North America, Australia and the prestigious Celtic Colours Festival in Cape Briton, Canada.

Damaris has appearances on many radio and television shows including Ireland’s The Late Late Show (RTÉ).

Damaris is also a gifted music and many of her students have been prominent prizewinners in traditional music competitions over the last number of years. On an annual basis Damaris organizes the hugely popular traditional arts camp – The Ag Seinm Traditional Arts Camp in Co. Cavan, Ireland.

Despite her own hectic schedule she still manages to find time to teach at the Joe Mooney Summer School in Drunshambo every year as well as The University of Ulster, Coleraine.


Mylo Moylan – Guitar and Vocals


Mylo Moylan is an Irish Folk Singer/Songwriter, well-known for his performances in the world famous Temple Bar district in Dublin, Ireland.
Originally from Kildare Town, Co. Kildare he moved to Dublin and became a unique artist in the Dublin music scene. His repertoire involves the most famous compositions from a wide range of different Irish artists such as The Wolfe Tones, The Dubliners, Christy Moore, The Pouges, The Clancy Brothers amongst others. Recently Mylo has performing his original penned songs which embody his close connection to Irish folk music. Over the years Mylo has built a very loyal fan base who are always excited to hear him perform.
Mylo has dedicated his life to Irish music from an early age and has been energetically involved in the Irish music scene ever since. He started playing the guitar during his school days and music for him was a huge distraction from the mundane chores of everyday life.  It sculpted many lasting friendships which he still enjoys to this day, most remarkably with a group of 4 local musicians and singers who went by the name The Lowrys.  Mylo experiences remarkable feedback from fans from all over the world and also increasing interest of various other local musicians to work with him.

Mylos’ passion for Irish Song & Music has led to him joining “Derek Warfield & The Young Wolfe Tones” and he looks forward to sharing his talent with everyone all around the world.


Wayne Brereton – Vocals – Bass


Wayne Brereton is a Folk/Ballad singer songwriter from Co. Offaly in Ireland.

Having played in gigging bands from the age of 14, Wayne was the guitar player for a once very popular Irish pop/rock band HOGAN. Having parted ways Wayne returned to his first love of music, Ballad / Folk & Traditional Music where he is a member of the band Turas as well as fronting his own increasingly popular band The Cardinal Sins. Wayne would recognise Luke Kelly, The Wolfe Tones, Shane McGowan , Sean Keane, Liam Clancy, Christy Moore and of course his multi-talented father as as his biggest influences for the crafting of his own style. Wayne is a fluent Gaelic speaker and also worked as a tour guide in Kilmainham Jail, which puts him very much in tune with our musical culture of remembrance of our Irish songs & ballads.


Andreas Durkin – Keyboard/Vocals


Andreas Durkin is a native of Co. Cavan, Ireland.  He has been playing keyboard and singing since the age of 21 as a solo artist, as a duo alongside his mother (renowned Irish Country Singer), Kathy Durkin and, as part of his own band “Cheap Whiskey”.  He has recorded 2 albums to date, ‘The Land Across The Sea’ and ‘Roll Back The Clouds’ featuring great Irish and Celtic songs such as ‘Caledonia’, ‘Leaving of Liverpool’ and ‘Boston Rose’ as well as alternative Irish songs like ‘Roll Back The Clouds’.  His most recent recording was ‘The Cowboy Rides Away’ which continues to get great radio play both locally and nationally.  Andreas has been touring the USA over the years.  He was musical director with one of Ireland’s top stars Tony Kenny for numerous tours, and continues to perform alongside his mother Kathy, and in a solo capacity both in Ireland and the USA.  Annually, Andreas has featured on the Cruise of Irish Stars where he gets the chance to share the stage with Ronan Tynan, Andy Cooney and many more.  Andreas has performed on many Irish television shows including Glór Tire on TG4 and Open House on RTÉ.





Derek Warfield’s 60 years of experience coupled with the talent and energy of The Young Wolfe Tones brings the old tradition of Irish balladry into a new age. The story of Ireland is transmitted in their music and song and illuminated by the outstanding musicianship of three wonderful ambassadors of a new generation of traditional players. Derek Warfield and The Young Wolfe Tones deliver Ireland’s traditional music and folk songs with an energy and skill that shows the quality of contemporaries within that tradition. The patriotic spirit of Irish music carried through the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s by the Wolfe Tones now marches on in the dynamic sound of The Young Wolfe Tones.




Irish festivals all over the United States have been host to Derek Warfield & The Young Wolfe Tones since 2007. Currently the band plays between 20 and 30 Irish festivals per year all over the country. In addition to musical performances, Derek also delivers lectures on Irish history and the history of the Irish in America. These lectures feature acoustic performances of ballads relevant to the subject matter.

Pat Byrne from Columbus Ohio, one of the organizing committee at the Dublin Irish Festival in Ohio, had this to say “Derek has always set high standards for his performances and this band raises the bar. The people loved them and gave them an unbelievable rousing and appreciative reception. These Young Wolfe Tones and their legendary leader were given a standing ovation, The Dublin Ohio festival were delighted to have them … they’re as good as it gets!”


Australia was the destination in April of 2011. The band played twelve concerts in two weeks with the highlight being four days performing at the National Folk Festival in Canberra. The same year saw the release of “Far Away in Australia” – a CD to coincide with their Australian visit. With 19 tracks the collection is a mixture of classic Irish songs music and literature that connect the two countries. “Far Away In Australia” fittingly highlights the Irish contributions to Australia in song and music.





Many of the Irish festivals around the United States every year also play host to lectures/musical performances on the songs of the Irish in the American Revolution and Civil War by Derek Warfield and The Young Wolfe Tones. Derek deals with ballads of regret, joy, victory and defeat and clearly illustrates Ireland’s hand in defending the promise of the Declaration of Independence. The lecture/show has been an eye-opener for many folk and history enthusiasts from Ireland and America alike. The response and feedback throughout the festival circuit here has been wonderful and has added such a wide and important aspect to the legacy of Derek Warfield and his part in the history of Irish balladry. It is a rich legacy that was almost entirely neglected before Derek began putting together “Sons of Erin”, “Bonnie Blue Flag”, “Faugh-a-Ballagh” (“Clear the Way”) and “Washington’s Irish” — four albums dealing with the Irish in the American Revolutionary and Civil Wars. He has also written a book, The Irish Songster of the American Civil War.

He comments on the literature of the Civil War: “Looking at the tremendous quality of the songwriting and poetry among the Irish over generations in the United States, as recorded in libraries and collections across the country, it’s hard to escape the conclusion that Ireland lost some of its greatest talent in these years, that loss was greatest after the “Act of Union” and during the “Great Hunger”.

“I hope my labor of love will inspire others with greater resources to further research of the Irish Involvement in American History.  Meanwhile my modest productions will help to keep alive the memory of the many Irish men who fought on both sides in the Civil War,”


Derek Warfield’s lifelong passion for engaging people in the music and story of Ireland is also very present in the other band members: “Communication with a live audience through music is what I believed to be of primary importance when I founded the Old Wolfe Tones in 1963. In performing with The Young Wolfe Tones, I continue to communicate with audiences while also passing on an important tradition to a new generation. But perhaps most importantly, it has been fun and enjoyable and every performance gets better. The experience has reinvigorated me and given the young players and singers the opportunity to display their skills and talents around the world”

And I believe that I am passing on an ancient Irish bardic tradition worthy of preservation to a younger generation.






Faugh-a-Ballagh (Clear The Way)

Bonnie Blue Flag

Sons Of Erin

Liberte 98

Take me home to Mayo (Slán Abhaile)

A Nation Once Again

God Save Ireland

Green White & Essential Gold Volume 2 (2 CD Set)

Green White & Essential Gold Volume 1 (2 CD Set)

The Night Is….Young

On The One Road

Far Away In Australia

On The One Road

Let Ye All Be Irish Tonight

The Call Of Erin

The Last Man Standing


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Selection of Quotes

 “Derek has always set high standards for his performances and this band raises the bar. The

people loved them and gave them an unbelievable rousing and appreciative reception. These

Young Wolfe Tones and their legendary leader were given a standing ovation.

The ‘Dublin Ohio Festival ‘were delighted to have them perform and the band were thrilled to be here, and that’s as good as it’s gets for any band.”

Pat Byrne

Dublin Ohio Festival Organising Committee


“Since the Old group disbanded, The Wolfe Tones’ front man and founder member Derek Warfield has hit a particularly creative streak. The impeccable versatility of ‘The Young Wolfe

Tones’ propels fresh and invigorating workings of old and new numbers with masterful

Arrangements of songs and highly absorbing tune sets.”


Sean McGhee

Editor of Rock ’N’ Reel Magazine


“Derek has performed at festivals for The Irish Cultural Club of Florida for over twenty years and he has delivered some memorable performances with his old band. With his new band ‘The

Young Wolfe Tones’ he brings a youthful and energetic passion and spirit to the music and songs

of Ireland.”

Sheila Hynes

Director of West Palm Beach Irish Festival


“They had an audience of four thousand students singing swinging and cheering after the first

song and they stayed that way for over an hour. The reaction to their music was electric!

The UCD Ball has never seen or heard anything like it.”

UCD Students Union


“Derek has long been the best front man in the country. There is no performer that can move an

audience with words and song with such natural ease. His talented young band ‘The Young Wolfe

Tones’ are the best ballad band in Ireland and lends an extra dimension to Irish song, music and


Liam Murphy

Former National Editor of Hibernian Digest


“Ireland has lately been full of compliments to our Nobel laureate Seamus Heaney, who has just

celebrated his 70th birthday. Lyric poetry is a grace, said Famous Seamus, who hails from Derry.

Quite so. But there are other kinds of poetry and when a national identity is challenged, all

poetry becomes political. As you might expect, there’s no lack of it

here, and since Derek has got this fine professional group together, it’s proof there’s no lack of an audience.”

John Brophy

Irish Music Magazine


“The Young Wolfe Tones bring a youthful energy to songs like Some Say the Devil Is Dead and

Get out Ye Black and Tans I happened to be in the audience with my parents and two daughters

who liken Irish music to Chinese water torture. Everyone enjoyed themselves, and it is a rare feat indeed to keep three generations of Irish people engaged.

Some say this devil is dead, but I say he would be a welcome addition to your festival.”

Mile Farragher


Derek Warfield & The Young Wolfe Tones