Date(s) - 04/10/2019

Liberty Hall Theatre


The sold-out UK smash-hit You Bet’ comes to Ireland for the first time….

Kathy Diamond plays Bet Lynch in this one woman performance of monologues and music. A celebratory performance raises a glass to the unmistakeable female character made famous by British actress Julie Goodyear of the worlds longest running soap opera, Coronation Street.

Barmaid. Icon. Blonde rocket and Femme Formidable.

Sexy strong northerner, Sensitive Survivor and Queen of the one liners.

From factory girl to landlady of the Rovers Return.

Bet was a star…and the bar was her stage.

Kathy Diamond is a funk/disco house singer-songwriter from London, United Kingdom. She was born in Sheffield in the north of England. Her love for soul and disco started at an early age, gaining inspiration from Donna Summer.

In 1993 Diamond decided to write and sing herself, collaborating different bands, DJs and producers. In 2002 she wrote a Balearic song with house producers SWAG called “Miracles Just Might.” After SWAG did not include it on their album Diamond decided to release the song herself. She pressed up a limited amount of white labels and distributed it. DJ Magazine said of the track, “If you like sweet beauty in your house music keep your eyes peeled because it’s only going to get a limited release.” Within a month another 12″ single “Sunshine” was released, this time on the Idjut Boys’ Cottage label with producer Maurice Fulton.

In 2007, Diamond released her solo debut record, Miss Diamond to You. She collaborated with Maurice Fulton of electronica/dance outfit MU. It rated 7.8 on influential music site Pitchfork Media. In 2008 Diamond participated in a number of musical collaborations; with Toby Tobias for “The Feeling”, with Soft Rocks for a remix of Low Motion Disco’s “Love, Love, Love,” with Belgian band Aeroplane on “Whispers,” with Maximilian Skiba on “Never Stop Believing,” and with Codebreaker for “Fire.” Later in the year she will release her second album, working with co-writer and guitarist Keeling Lee.

In 2012 The KDMS released their album “Kinky Dramas And Magic Stories” on Gomma Records, Munich with the track High Wire which was written and composed by Kathy Diamond and Maximillian Skiba. Further collaborations have seen Kathy work with the likes of Fred Everything, Mellow Cat, Paradise 45 and more before now turning her had to the stage with the roaring success of You Bet !

You Bet! The Life of Coronation Street’s Bet Lynch